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A library which wraps ky to be compliant to both CommonJS and ECMAScript Modules.

Check out the ky docs for usage.

$ node
> require("@toss/ky")
# -> Available

> await import("@toss/ky")
# -> Available


ky has the following problems.

  • Since it is ESM-only, require() calls fail.
  • For server-side rendering, we should use the separate ky-universal library.

@toss/ky improves ky to be used easily.

  • It is compiled beforehand with ESBuild, enabling it to be used both in CommonJS and ESM.
  • Even in server-side rendered services, you could only use @toss/ky, not having to think about what to use between ky-universal and ky.

Why are the build results version controlled?

  • When the built code is not version controlled, we cannot run tests in the workspace, since require('ky') is run and ERR_REQUIRE_ESM errors are thrown.
  • To update the built code, run yarn build in the package, and commit the diffs.