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Scroll Animation Package

A package containing utilities and predefined animations to help you implement scrolling animations.


  1. Wrap a <ScrollProgressController> around the area where you want to use the scroll animation to inject scroll-related context. You can put it in App.tsx, but since this component handles the scroll event, we recommend only using it on screens where it is needed.
  2. Use the useScrollProgress() hook to connect the element you want to animate and animate it based on the value of progress.

See the storybook for code examples.



A number between 0 and 1 that determines how many times the ref element has appeared in the viewport before progress starts.

You can use the following aliases

  • onEnter: when it starts to appear on the screen (triggerHook = 1)
  • onCenter: when the top of the ref element appears in the center of the screen (triggerHook = 0.5)
  • onLeave: when it starts to leave the screen (triggerHook = 0)


Determines how long the progress will be from when the trigger is started.


  • (progress = 200 or 200px): Until we scroll 200px
  • (progress = 200%): until you've scrolled twice the size of the ref element
  • (progress = 150vh): until scrolling 1.5 times the window height

Predefined animations


Play the animation below as the element passes through the 40% to 60% area of the screen.

  • opacity changes from 0 to 1
  • translateY changes from 100 to 0