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Check if an array has at least one element.

Works as TypeScript's Type Guard function.

If the array is not empty, it is inferred as an instance of NonEmptyArray type. See the NonEmptyArray type in @toss/utils.

  • When using TypeScript's noUncheckedIndexAccess option, we have to check whether the array is not empty in order to guarantee that the value is not null.
function assertNonEmptyArray<T>(
// The array to check if it has at least one element
arr: T[],
// The error to throw when the array is empty
// @default new Error('AssertionError: EmptyArray')
error: Error | string
): asserts arr is NonEmptyArray<T>;


// Throws new Error('AssertionError: EmptyArray').
// Throws new Error('Something is wrong').
assertNonEmptyArray([], new Error('Something is wrong'));
// Does not throw an error.