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Hook that fires an event when the element given by ref appears or disappears in the browser viewport. It works efficiently by using the IntersectionObserver API.

To use it as a component, use ImpressionArea.

const ref = useImpressionRef({
// callback called when the element enters the browser viewport
onImpressionStart: () => {},

// callback called when the element exits the browser viewport
onImpressionEnd: () => {},

// You can specify an element to use instead of the Viewport to examine the visibility of the target element.
// @default null

// Specify how much margin to give compared to what the actual element occupies (`string`)
// See [MDN](

// Specifies what percentage of the time the entry was visible, a number from 0 to 1. (`number`)
// @default 0

// Specifies whether to call the impression event when the screen is entered for more than a few milliseconds, in ms. (`number`)
// @default 0

<div ref={ref}>Call onImpressionStart when you see me</div>;