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UseStorageState is a Hook that makes it convenient for React to handle persistent state in the browser's storage.


function MyComponent() {
const [state, setState, refresh] = useStorageState('@service/some-resource', {
defaultValue: 0,

useEffect(() => {
setState(x => x + 1);
}, []);

useVisibilityEvent(() => {

In the example above, automatically the state is synchronized to the value corresponding to the @service/some-resource key in window.localStorage.

Call signature

function useStorageState<T>(
key: string,
options: {
defaultValue: T;
storage: Storage;

Using a different kind of storage

You can tell the options object given as the second argument to synchronize with a different kind of storage by providing a storage value. For example, if you want to store values in SessionStorage, you can provide safeSessionStorage.

The default storage is safeLocalStorage (storage that safely uses window.localStorage).


  • Because useStorageState stores values as strings in localStorage, it can only handle serializable values. It cannot handle non-serializable values such as functions and symbols.

To Refresh

  • The third refresh function returned by useStorageState allows you to synchronize the value with the original storage.
  • It can be used in conjunction with useVisibilityEvent, etc.